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I would like to welcome you to another Kyte Global educational event, this time about Anti-Money Laundering and Internal Audit. The aim of this online webinar is to provide practical information on best practices for combating money laundering and the funding of terrorism and to ensure you do not fall out of compliance. During the conference, we will have the opportunity to review innovative tools that are available on the market to strengthen AML compliance, solutions for customer due diligence and verification of identity and tools to improve customer experience through automation. The regulator is also joining us for a very interesting discussion on evolving requirements in terms of AML. Finally, we will also be discussing the Internal Audit function as an invaluable tool towards maintaining compliance.

Following previous online webinars, feedback was extremely positive and this motivates us to continue delivering interesting content and to organising similar educational events. Make sure to join us for this upcoming webinar by registering for this event and to receive notifications for any future events. There has never been a better time to focus on your education!

Trevor Axiak

Director at Kyte Global

About Kyte Global

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Kyte Global, with clients in 61 countries has established itself as a unique company providing a one-stop-shop to all your info security and compliance requirements. At Kyte Global we attempt to add value in everything we do. Our services have evolved as a result of the growing needs of our clients. Regulations keep getting stricter, compliance requirements keep getting more onerous and clients find themselves spending more time addressing these issues than focusing on their business. At the same time, resources with the right knowledge and experience are hard to come by. Kyte Global tries to tackle this issue by providing a one stop shop to all the client’s needs.

Kyte Global understands that Compliance is an effective way of ensuring that requirements for controls are implemented. We have built dedicated teams, with experienced professionals all experts in their respective fields, to provide the assistance needed in various compliance areas. This ranges from GDPR, AML, PSD2, PCIDSS, ISO27001, EBA Regulations, Financial Institution regulations, SWIFT and more. We have also partnered with some industry leading solution providers for delivering the tools needed to meet these compliance obligations. The needs of our clients have transformed us into a one-stop-shop for compliance!


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About our event

Join us for some industry updates

Join us for an interesting event that will focus on issues related to AML and Internal Audit. The Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU) will be part of the online webinar providing information on combating money laundering and the funding of terrorism. The session will also offer other interesting presentations and discussions from experts in the industry who will draw on their own personal experiences. This event is intended to strike a balance between technical concepts and compliance matters. If you work in the financial and gaming industry and you are responsible for compliance, customer and/or business risk assessment, policies and reporting, this event is perfect for you!

Audience & Topics

Our AML webinar is designed for Financial Institutions, consultants, gaming companies, real-estate dealers, legal persons and entities and accountants. We will share practical information on best practices for combating money laundering and the funding of terrorism. 

Global Reach

More than 7 speakers from different countries will meet on our virtual stage. We aim to prepare content that will be interesting for you regardless on where you are.

CPE Hours

After attending our online event you can request a certificate to be able to claim your CPE hours. Please get in touch with Desiree at

Online Format

You will be able to select and connect to our webinar with focused and tailored content, all from the comfort of your home or office. The webinar is designed to be entirely online for our participants so you don’t need to worry about crowds. Social distancing does not apply!


Automation & Auditing

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